About Us
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The Group

Teranga Corporation is a Senegalese group with a focus on the energy sector, with oil and gas services as a specialty. Our core operations supports the MSGBC (Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry) region. Our companies include:

  1. Teranga Oil & Gas Services specializing in Engineering and fabrication of Oilfield and mining equipment.
  2. Teranga Manpower Solutions specializing in providing all kinds of skilled industry personnel (Oil & Gas Rigs and Platforms, Marine support, etc)

Teranga Corporation in partnership with International market leaders in oil and gas services aim to fill the gaps identified in the local industry and ensure our clients get world class services while simultaneously developing the local competency of the region.

Vision : Our vision is to be at the forefront supporting theĀ growth of the nascent Oil & Gas industry in the MSGBC region.

Values : Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence